Our journey started in 2009 with the desire of bringing an innovative perspective into 185 years of heritage. CCC is a company with an innovative approach adopted by Yıldız Holding and Gumlink to introduce a new product line in the gum sector. This long experience is reflected in GUM’N REAL and combined with new ideas and innovation. Our natural-based, plastic-free and vegan certified gums come in different natural flavors. Each of our unique flavors is developed by our R&D team to give the best experience from chewing gum. Further, we invested in new technologies and 3 years of laboratory work to ensure the desired consistency and flavor from chewing gum. With our GUM’N REAL product line, we aim for boutique manufacturing in small quantities to meet the market needs at its best. Our plastic-free, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free products are prepared with 100% natural ingredients. The entire process of our gum is a result of extensive and detailed R&D efforts conducted by our dedicated team.


GUM’N REAL has developed a different perspective into the gum sector. Our health and wellness focused approach directed us to manufacture a product line with clean and healthy ingredients. We believe that, it is possible to produce healthy products that will become an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. Our gummies consist of natural ingredients and comply with vegan health principles. We put all our effort and resources to create an entirely natural and low impact chewing gum. There are no plastics, GMO, chemicals or any harmful ingredients that might damage the environment.

Continental Confectionery Company (CCC) was founded in 2009 and integrates the latest innovations in the industry into its product range